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 Sci-Fest LA: 2015

“David Dean Bottrell brings his characteristic man-with-a-secret edginess to the lead in ‘Turnover,’ a twisty morality tale involving an interview in a future prison facility.”

– American Theatre Magazine


David Dean Bottrell Makes Love:  A One-Man Show.  “Hilarious, profane, touching…”



Streep Tease


“STREEP TEASE, now playing to TURN-AWAY CROWDS at the Bang Comedy Theater, has obviously struck a chord in the universal camp consciousness…. The most hilarious segment of the evening is a six-minute rendition of the entire plot of “Out of Africa,” performed by David Dean Bottrell (“Boston Legal”) with a spot-on Danish accent and a languid manner that is at hilarious odds with his breathlessly-paced romp.”  


--The Los Angeles Times


“Bottrell, who selected ‘Out of Africa’… conflates the plot of the entire feature film into six side-splitting minutes, with what might just be the very best flight simulation ever to appear behind the proscenium arch…” 


—The Daily Beast


  “It was a nice moment when Raylan and the convenience store clerk Alvin (David Dean Bottrell) that Randall beat up bonded over Lindsey doing them wrong.  I thought that was a great little scene. This guy has had the crap beat out of him, and he’s like, I thought she liked me. It’s this little moment of heartbreak. When you’re working on a show and you see a scene like that, you give a little cheer: It’s a plot beat and you’re moving on, but it’s really well done. It’s a tribute to the writing, and the casting, and Bill Johnson, who directed the episode.”  

-- Graham Yost, Creator, JUSTIFIED, Entertainment Weekly


David Dean Bottrell is Working

“Hilarious…A Tour De Force”

– Huffington Post


Sci-Fest LA: 2014

“The best of the evening… Harrowing….David Dean Bottrell (“Boston Legal”) firmly anchors ‘The Ringer.’”

– The Hollywood Reporter.